Reveals the Top 4 Ways that VoIP Technology Provides Cheap Phone Service for New Beginnings

May 11, 2013
May is a time of new beginnings. In mid-May, refrigerator magnets around the country begin to droop with graduation announcements, wedding announcements, new baby announcements, and new businesses’ grand opening announcements.

As changes take place, at least one thing remains consistent: cheap VoIP phone service. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) uses the Internet to connect phone calls. Users can save hundreds of dollars each year by using VoIP service instead of traditional phone service.

In honor of new beginnings and saving money, My VoIP Provider reveals the top 4 ways that VoIP technology provides cheap phone service during times of personal and professional transition.

  1. Mobile VoIP for New College Graduates
    New college graduates need all the help they can get. The real world has all sorts of scary bills, from rent payments, to health insurance payments, to college loan payments, and graduates can certainly use a break. Luckily, a break is exactly what cheap VoIP phone service provides for fresh graduates. VoIP often runs for $8/month per line or less, which makes it the cheapest phone service out there. And graduates don’t have to stay home to use their home service. By using Mobile VoIP, grads can take their phone service with them on the go using their laptops, tablets, or smartphones.
  2. Unlimited Nationwide Calling for New Relationships
    May is the start of wedding season, but both new and established relationships can benefit from VoIP phone service. New relationships will find VoIP’s unlimited calling plans especially useful. Nearly all residential VoIP providers offer unlimited nationwide calling, which is perfect for chatty relationships just starting out. For more seasoned relationships, VoIP is a great home phone service to set up when setting up house. Couples have enough bills to worry about, like the mortgage and the garbage bills, but at least their Residential VoIP service is cheap.
  3. IP Video Conferencing to See New Babies
    New parents need a cheap way to stay connected with the rest of the family. Not only will unlimited nationwide calling come in handy, but VoIP’s cheap international calling capabilities will come in handy as well. No matter where family members live, the new parents can connect to the family brood by using VoIP for cheap international calling. VoIP’s IP video conferencing is also a good option for long distance loved ones. IP video conferencing allows families to see each other with face-to-face chat over the Internet. This a much cheaper alternative to plane tickets and other travel fees.
  4. Discount Business VoIP Service for New Businesses
    Today is a great time to start a new business, especially since the job market continues to improve. New businesses need a new way to save money, and business VoIP plans offer the best discounted calling rates on the market. Many Business VoIP providers offer monthly phone service for less than $20/month per extension. Many providers offer other cheap (or free) features like call waiting, call blocking, and conference calling.

When it comes to new beginnings, VoIP is the cheapest phone service on the market to help users save money while expanding their families and their businesses.

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