Announces the Top 5 Ways That Travelers Can Bring VoIP with Them on Their Memorial Day Vacation

May 09, 2013
The smoky smell of grilled hot dogs waifs through the air as travelers huddle around open BBQs pits in community parks. As kids slather on sunscreen, and parents rifle through ice coolers to find the coldest beer, everyone is happy that it’s finally Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is the unofficial first day of summer vacation. It’s the kick start of the travel season. And while it’s important to remember the beach towels, the hamburger buns, and the lawn chairs, it’s also important to remember to bring along the cheap home VoIP phone service.

VoIP is the technology that allows users to make and receive phone calls over the Internet. VoIP is perfect for home phone service, and it’s really easy to take along for vacations. In honor of the start of travel season, My VoIP Provider announces the top 5 ways that travelers can bring VoIP with them on their Memorial Day vacation.

  1. Mobile VoIP
    Most residential VoIP providers offer mobile apps so users can take their cheap home phone service along with them on their travels. Most users choose to download their Mobile VoIP app to their smartphones and make cheap Internet calls from their cell phone, but users can use their laptops and tablets as well. Memorial Day travelers can enjoy their cheap VoIP service in the airport, the hotel, and anywhere else with an Internet connection.
  2. Unlimited Nationwide Calling
    Nearly all VoIP providers offer unlimited nationwide calling as a standard feature of their basic residential VoIP plans. Users never have to worry about long distance fees or roaming charges as long as they have unlimited VoIP service. This is perfect for Memorial Day travelers who are venturing away from home to visit attractions in different parts of the country.
  3. Cheap International Calling
    Why stay in the states this Memorial Day? Using VoIP phone service allows users to save a lot of money on international Internet calls. Many Residential VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling plans to go along with their basic residential calling plans. Users can use their unlimited international calling year round to call places like Spain, France, Italy, Chile, China, and the Bahamas. And when users use mobile VoIP, they can use their unlimited calling while traveling inside of these international countries during Memorial Day weekend and any other holiday.
  4. IP Video Conferencing
    IP video conferencing makes it easy for whole groups of people to stay connected on Memorial Day, even if a few members can’t make the trip. Families can use IP video conferencing to see each other and say hello on Memorial Day, even if they're not all in the same place. Travelers can use IP video conferencing to bring their loved ones with them on their trip, and show them all the sights that the travelers are seeing in person.
  5. Cheap Phone Service All Year Long
    Unfortunately, all vacations do end, but that doesn’t mean that savings end. What makes VoIP technology so special is that VoIP is always much cheaper than traditional home service each month and each year. Some of the lowest monthly prices of residential VoIP service run for about $6/month per line. For the same price as one pack of hot dogs, users can enjoy cheap Internet calls all month long.

Memorial Day weekend is the weekend that inspires the rest of the vacation season. There are plenty of other traveling expenses that travelers need to worry about, but luckily, their VoIP phone service isn’t one of them.

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