Reveals the Top 5 Father’s Day Items More Expensive Than Cheap VoIP Phone Service

Jun 05, 2013

It’s almost Father’s Day, and one thing dads everywhere can use a little extra of this June is more money in their wallets. One of the very best ways to save a little extra cash on Father’s Day is by changing over to VoIP phone service.

VoIP is phone service that uses the Internet to connect calls. VoIP users still use phones, phone numbers, and dial tones in the exact same way as they do with traditional phone service, but they experience up to 80% off of their monthly phone bill by using VoIP instead of using traditional phone service.

In celebration of fathers and saving money, My VoIP Provider is revealing the top 5 Father’s Day items that are more expensive than cheap residential VoIP phone service.

1. A Necktie

Giving Dad a tie for Father’s Day is so expected it’s unexpected these days. What’s also unexpected is that an entire month of VoIP’s cheap phone service costs less than a necktie. A men’s suit tie can run from anywhere from $15 to $60 per tie. In comparison, most VoIP service providers only charge around $7/month per line. Many residential VoIP providers include free unlimited nationwide calling and cheap international calling with that $7 monthly fee, so there aren’t hidden long distance fees or surprise roaming charges.

2. BBQ Tools

Is there anything more quintessential Father’s Day than BBQ? BBQ tools are in a league of all their own with all of the specialty grill gizmos and gadgets. Most residential VoIP phone service plans also come chock full of useful tools, like telemarketer blocking, 3-way calling, voicemail, and caller ID. VoIP phone service might not know how to cook a steak, but the savings from a VoIP plan leaves plenty of money left over to buy nice steaks all year long.

3. Pack of Golf Balls

Out of the entire golf shop, golf balls are amongst the cheapest items on the shelf. However, even golf balls are more expensive than VoIP. For instance, a pack of standard golf balls can cost anywhere from $10 to $15 dollars, whereas VoIP service from a provider like VOIPo only runs for about $6.21/month per line. Dad can even take his cheap phone service with him to the golf course. Many VoIP providers offer mobile VoIP apps that users can download to their smartphones, laptops, or other Internet-enabled devices. Dad can bring his cheap VoIP plan with him on the green and anywhere else he travels.

4. Baseball Tickets

June and baseball go hand in hand, which why so many people take Dad out to the ballgame for Father’s Day. The cheapest bleacher seats can cost around $12 per ticket, which is still higher than two months of phone service with a provider like Phone Power that only charges $4.99/month per line. Once baseball fans start adding in the $7 hot dogs, $5 cokes, and the $6 bags of peanuts, a trip with Dad to the ballgame can run about $60, or, the same price as nearly a year of cheap phone service with VoIP.

5. Six-Pack of Beer

On Father’s Day, sometimes Dad just wants to open up a cold one. When all else fails, a six-pack of beer is the perfect gift for Father’s Day. However, the average $10 for a 6-pack of beer is still more expensive than 30 days of phone service from nearly all VoIP service providers.

This Father’s Day, give Dad the gift of savings. He’ll love the necktie and beer, but he might just find cheap VoIPphone service all year round the best gift of all.

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