Announces the Top 5 Residential VoIP Providers to Help Users Enjoy a Little Extra Money Each Month

May 21, 2013
With Memorial Day and summer activities coming up, it’s easy to accidentally overspend. It doesn’t take much to max out the monthly budget by buying one more margarita, one more new summer outfit, or one more hot dog at the ballgame.

Luckily, there are some great strategies for saving money so there’s a little extra “fun money” left over after paying bills. One such money-saving strategy is switching to a cheaper phone service, like VoIP. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology behind Internet calling. Internet calling is a great deal cheaper than traditional phone service, which runs off of old analog telephone lines or cellular towers.

To help callers budget a little easier as they ease into summer expenses, My VoIP Provider announces the top 5 residential VoIP providers to help users save money and enjoy a little more “fun money” each month.

  1. Axvoice
    Axvoice offers some extremely cheap residential VoIP plans. Their cheapest plan is the Pay As You Go plan for $4.99/month per line, plus $0.019/minute for each call. This is great for callers who only need the bare minimum amount of calling per month. For users who do a little more calling, Axvoice offers their unlimited US and Canada plan for $8.25/month per line. All of Axvoice’s plans come with over 30 free features, like caller ID, telemarketer blocking, and voicemail.
  2. VOIPo
    VOIPo is one of the absolute cheapest Residential VoIP providers out there. VOIPo users only pay $6.21/month per line with a two-year contract for unlimited Internet calling throughout the US and Canada. All users get over 40 monthly features, like caller ID, call blocking, and 3-way calling. VOIPo is based in Southern California and offers 100% US support, so users are never without help if they run into any technical difficulties.
  3. ITP
    ITP one of the very best home VoIP providers for cheap nationwide and international Internet calling. ITP’s unlimited calling plan for the US and Canada runs for $9.99/month per line. For $24.99/month per line, users can upgrade to the Global Unlimited plan, which offers unlimited access to 60 countries worldwide, including Spain, China, the UK, and Turkey. ITP users also get a ton of free features like call blocking and call waiting.
  4. Phone Power
    With Phone Power, users can buy one year of home VoIP service and get the next year for free. Users pay a flat $199 for two year’s of service, which equals out to an average $16.58/month per line. This is a great option for users who want to invest their money all at once, and not worry about monthly bills for the rest of the year. Phone Power is also a nifty VoIP provider because it includes an iPhone mobile app so users can utilize cheap Mobile VoIP on go with their smartphones.
  5. has a little bit of everything. All of their domestic plans include unlimited Internet calling to the US and Canada, as well as 60 free minutes for international calling.’s residential plans also include a free second line and number portability so users can keep their current phone number when they switch to Users pay upfront for one year of residential VoIP phone service. This breaks down to $12.50/month per line, though since users get that second line for free, this equals out to a cheap $6.25/month per line.

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