Announces the Top 4 Ways that VoIP Benefits Fresh College Graduates

May 05, 2013
Nylon black robes cloak the fresh college graduates as parchment diplomas are handed to them. These graduates have completed their education and are now members of the real world.

And then Monday comes, and among the labeled cardboard boxes and packed suitcases sits a graduate unsure of what comes next. Well, bills come next. But not all bills are expensive. One investment that a college graduate can make is buying VoIP phone service.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is the technology that uses the Internet to make and receive phone calls. In fact, one in four people are already using VoIP technology. In honor of students graduating college all over the country, My VoIP Provider announces the top 4 ways that new college graduates can benefit from cheap VoIP phone service.

  1. Unlimited Nationwide Calling
    If there is one thing a college graduate needs, aside from quarters for the laundry machine, it’s cheap calling for job interviews. Most residential VoIP providers offer users plans for unlimited nationwide calling. Most VoIP plans run for less than $8/month per user. Graduates can make cheap Internet calls to businesses anywhere in the country to check on the status of their resumes as they look for work.
  2. Mobile VoIP
    Using Mobile VoIP, college graduates can take their cheap phone service with them in their pockets. The most common method of using mobile VoIP is by downloading a mobile app onto a smartphone. However, college graduates can use mobile VoIP on just about any Internet-enabled device, such as their laptops, tablets, or even iPod Touches.
  3. Cheap International Calling
    Sometimes the college graduate isn’t quite ready to hang up their backpack. One of the best advantages of VoIP phone service is the cheap international calling. Many home VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling plans to countries like France, Brazil, and India. Even if the provider does not offer an unlimited international plan, most Residential VoIP providers offer extremely cheap Internet calling rates to international numbers, which typically run for a few pennies a minute. And using mobile VoIP, traveling graduates can use their cheap service as they crisscross the world, and still enjoy cheap international prices when they get home.
  4. VoIP Call Blocking
    Once college graduates do land that first real job, they can’t let phone calls interrupt them at work. A ringing phone or a vibrating phone is noticeable to the co-workers or boss sitting right next to them. VoIP providers offer three different call blocking solutions. Users can chose general call blocking, which blocks all calls, or users can use a White List, which allows users to pick the numbers that are permitted to call them, and the rest of the numbers on the list are blocked, or users can use a Black List, which allows users to pick only the numbers that they don’t want calling them, and the rest of the numbers are allowed to ring their phone number.

As college graduates move their tassels from right to left and watch their square caps fly in the air, they have the peace of mind knowing that the real world isn’t so bad. VoIP is there for cheap Internet calling to future employees, as well as old friends.

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