Reveals the Top 5 Ways That New Moms Can Use Cheap VoIP Calling to Stay Better Connected to the World

May 07, 2013
Oh, mama! According to an article published April 30 on Mashable, Yahoo recently doubled its maternity leave time from 8 weeks to 16 weeks. This new policy change comes weeks after the very unpopular recall of all remote Yahoo! employees. Yahoo! moms can’t work from home, but they can stay at home for a few extra months.

New moms still need a way to stay connected to the world as they enjoy some extra time on leave. One of the cheapest ways to communicate is with VoIP technology. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is Internet calling, and it’s usually 80% cheaper than traditional phone calling.

In honor of moms getting a little more “stay-cation”, My VoIP Provider reveals the top 5 ways that new moms can use VoIP to stay better connected to the world.

  1. Cheap VoIP Calling Nationwide
    Nearly all VoIP providers offer users unlimited nationwide phone calls. The technology behind Internet calling makes it easy and cheap to send calls long distances, which is why so many providers offer unlimited calling plans throughout the US. New moms can call loved ones at anytime for cheap. Many residential VoIP providers also offer Universal Numbers, which are numbers that the user customizes with the area code of their choosing, thus making all phone calls to and from that area code cheap local calls. This is a useful for families who make frequent calls to get the latest updates on the new baby.
  2. Cheap International Calling
    VoIP’s cheap international capabilities are perfect for new moms with international friends and loved ones. Several Residential VoIP providers offer unlimited international calling plans. Even if the provider doesn’t offer unlimited calling, many providers do offer cheap VoIP calling rates to international phone numbers for just a few cents a minutes. With home VoIP service, new moms can talk as long as they want with loved ones overseas for only a few dollars a month.
  3. IP Video Conferencing
    IP video conferencing is great for families that can’t quite get away to travel to the see the newborn. Cheap IP video conferencing allows family members to video chat with one another from anywhere in the country, or around the world. This helps save money for new moms who can use that money saved on plane tickets for some new baby clothes or diapers.
  4. Call Blocking
    Sometimes Mom needs a break from the outside world. Moms can use call blocking to enjoy some peace and quiet without the phone ringing all the time. Call blocking is useful for when Mom needs a break, or when the baby is asleep. Mom can customize her call blocking. She can block all calls with general call blocking, or can block certain calls using a Home VoIP feature called White List/Black List. With call blocking, Mom can chose who gets to ring her up during her already busy day.
  5. Mobile VoIP
    And sometimes Mom is ready to go back to the outside world. Mobile VoIP is a great baby step for moms ready to hit the town again. Most residential VoIP providers offer mobile VoIP as an app that users download to their smartphones. Moms can take their cheap VoIP service on the go, and can use cheap VoIP calling while shopping, or traveling, or just getting some fresh air with the new baby.

New moms can use a little extra help around the house. Residential VoIP is a great tool for cheap calling to stay connected to the family as mom expands her own little family at home.

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