Top 100 VoIP Providers World Ranking

The Top 100 VoIP Providers World Ranking is an ongoing comparison of the top VoIP providers worldwide.

Our Top 100 VoIP Provider comparison table will help you choose the best VoIP phone service for your home or business. A few of the providers listed below are not yet available in all countries; however, we've done our best to indicate which providers are available in which locations.

Top 100 Ranking Criteria

Our Top 100 is ranked based on user reviews, market segment, provider size, and price.

We tend to rank business VoIP providers ahead of residential and wholesale providers and providers with more reviews higher than providers with fewer reviews. It’s a lot more difficult to get 100+ reviews (even if they’re mostly negative) than it is to get 2 5-star reviews.

If you do not see a specific provider listed here, please check our VoIP graveyard.

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