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We have compiled this directory of helpful VoIP definitions to answer any questions you might have about IP phone service.

VoIP providers offer different types of services: residential, business, wholesale, and mobile. Oftentimes, providers supply the hardware and software necessary to enable your Internet phone service. If this is not the case, then they will offer the hardware for sale or for rent on their site. Certain providers even let you bring your own device (BYOD), helping to lower the overall cost of your VoIP system. Whatever you are using your VoIP service for, this directory will help to clarify typical VoIP terms. If you are looking for clarification on basic VoIP features, please check out our list of VoIP Call Features.

VoIP Provider Directory: Service Providers
The definitions below will help to clarify providers offerings by their differences, the services they offer, and their rates.
Business Solutions

VoIP business solutions supply Internet phone service along with advanced call management features to help improve work efficiency and reduce business communication costs. They include an on-premise IP PBX with SIP trunking and a hosted PBX (Private Branch Exchange).

DID Providers

Direct inward dialing (DID) providers distribute DID numbers to businesses like ITSPs (Internet Telephony Service Providers), VoIP service providers, calling card companies, and wireless phone companies. DID numbers are unique phone numbers that redirect to a company's main line, 1-800 number, or other individual numbers. DIDs are helpful because they reduce the number of physical lines needed.


VoIP hosted PBX services are a cost-effective way to implement extensions throughout an office. Hosted PBX services help to deliver advanced call management features to each employee. With hosted PBX solutions, the provider hosts and maintains all hardware off-site. This way, businesses don’t need to worry about maintenance or upkeep in-house.


Mobile VoIP software allows mobile devices to place VoIP calls over the 3G, 4G, or WiFi networks for low-cost. These calls use data instead of the minutes on your plan. Most providers also offer mobile apps that are compatible with a majority of smartphone devices.


Wholesale VoIP providers offer services like termination, origination, collocation, toll-free numbers, and low-cost routing to enterprises like VoIP service providers, ITSPs, call shops, and other wholesale carriers.  By providing wholesale solutions to service providers, wholesale VoIP providers can give reliable service at some of the lowest costs around.

VoIP Providers Definitions: Hardware

This VoIP provider directory is a collection of VoIP service providers from all over the globe. There is an option to search for a provider by location, or alphabetically.

VoIP Wholesale

Wholesale VoIP providers offer services like termination, origination, collocation, and least cost routing to enterprises like VoIP service providers, ITSPs, call shops, and other wholesale carriers.

VoIP Provider Directory: Hardware

Below you will find some typical terms associated with VoIP hardware.


VoIP hardware refers to the components you will need to fully implement a VoIP phone system. Standard hardware requirements include adapters, IP phones, routers, PCI cards, and more. Select providers will also let you bring your own device, so be sure to check and see if your current devices are VoIP compatible.

IP PBX Systems

IP PBX systems are the servers that deliver business call management features, enable extensions, and provide business VoIP phone service to an office network. They connect incoming calls to the appropriate extensions, and direct outgoing calls to open phone lines. They also serve businesses by allowing users to share external phone lines, therefore reducing the number of lines required for a business.

VoIP Provider Directory: Software

Some VoIP providers require software solutions in order to work correctly. See below for some common terms associated with VoIP software.

IP Software

Software is the programming that makes PBX hardware and Internet calling work seamlessly.

Asterisk Resources

Asterisk is an open source Linux-based software that builds communication networks and can be configured for a VoIP PBX system. The software helps connect phones on the same system in addition to connecting to other telephone networks.

Billing Solutions

Billing solutions assist service providers and other companies using VoIP services with robust management software. Billing solutions software provides detailed analytics and automates billing for ease of use.

Call Center Services

Call center services automate call management to help increase work efficiency and to foster customer relationships. There are various types of call center services available to you.


Softphones are software-based phones that are installed on your computer, smartphone, or tablet. Softphones allow you to make VoIP calls via the incorporated software by using the on-screen interface.

VoIP Provider Definitions: Miscellaneous
Free International Calls

Here you will find a directory of VoIP providers that offer free or nearly free international calls. A majority of providers offer low international rates as well.


Stay up-to-date on VoIP happenings, product releases, and new features by following blogs about all the latest news in the VoIP industry.

VoIP Web Activated

While softphones need to be downloaded before you can use them, VoIP web activated phone calls can be placed through a website after adding call credits.


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