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My Voip Provider.com provides consulting services to the VoIP industry with special emphasis on research into the comparison and evaluation of costs in the worldwide telecommunications (VoIP) industry.

The term VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol or short Voice over IP) was almost unknown until around 3-4 years ago, understood only by a few technically minded people, until Internet-based companies like Skype, Net2Phone and others started offering free software downloads that allow you to make free Voice over IP or computer-to-computer (PC to PC) calls to other people anywhere in the world who have also downloaded the same software.

The immense popularity of these services and the fact that every user could save vast amounts of money resulted in an explosion of further development and a substantial amount of new internet startups (Broadband VoIP providers and PC to Phone VoIP providers) have emerged and are still emerging on a monthly basis.

The VoIP industry is currently one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The industry is moving very fast and quickly developing new IP telephony equipment and telephone handsets (IP Phones) that convert those originally 'software only' services (softphone) into use with regular telephones. In addition the quality of voice transmission has also improved tremendously over the past two years and is now threatening the livelyhood of traditional phone companies. Even the biggest in the world (AT&T) have understood that this new technology is here to stay.

In early 2004 we realized that, with the pace of new VoIP providers emerging, it has become more and more difficult to compare the services offered by the various VoIP companies. The competition is extremely fierce with currently over 550 (November 2005) known VoIP service providers offering their retail services to residential customers and small businesses (SOHO) around the world. This obviously has a tremendous effect on pricing policies with reductions being passed on to the consumer.

This is all very good news for anybody, who makes regular international or long distance phone calls. Savings of up to 98% compared to traditional telephone companies are now possible, depending on your location in the world. Although most internet phone providers offer relatively reasonable telephony rates (compared to traditional phone companies), we discovered that the differences were substantial (up to 1000% in some cases) and this led us to compare VoIP providers and investigate the VoIP services industry in more detail.

The result - our database with a growing list of the world's VoIP service providers, is the only and most up to date available on the internet. New VoIP providers are added almost on a weekly basis. Each providers rates schedule is reviewed on a monthly basis to ensure that our database offers only the most current information.

We encourage all the VoIP providers to submit their new schedules at the same time as their websites are updated. With a simple click of a button you will have an immediate overview of all providers international rates (broadband and PC to Phone) and flat rate packages. By selecting the call rates to a specific destination you will receive a list and ranking of the cheapest providers to the most expensive. Any provider in the top 10-25% can be regarded as competitive and the cheapest is not necessarily the best. Feel free to compare solutions and please provide feedback in our VoIP provider directory if you encounter any problems with a specific VoIP provider.

Many of our users have discovered that that they can save even more money by switching VoIP providers and others have been encouraged that the VoIP provider that they are currently using belongs to the top 25 worldwide. Use our search option 2 to compare your current VoIP provider with the rest of the world. You will be surprised.

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