Announces the Top 5 Residential Hosted VoIP Providers for Saving Money on Home Phone Service

Apr 21, 2013
Counting sheep before sleep is one way to find peace of mind, but why not count savings each month instead? Phone service is one thing that should never cause anyone stress or worry. And VoIP is a phone service technology that delivers reliability, savings, and peace of mind each night and each time the monthly phone bill arrives.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), also called Internet calling, is often 80% cheaper than the average price of home calling through traditional phone providers. To help users find the provider that will save them the most money this year, My VoIP Provider reveals the top 5 residential VoIP providers that will help consumers save money on home phone service in 2013.

  1. Phone Power
    When it comes to good deals, Phone Power offers one of the best. Phone Power users can buy one year of VoIP service and get the next year free. So for a one-time fee of $199, users get two full years of phone service. Furthermore, Phone Power provides its users Mobile VoIP capabilities by offering an iPhone app so they can take their cheap VoIP plan on the go.
  2. helps its users save money on home phone service in two ways: by offering a cheap monthly plan at $14.95/month per line, and by offering virtual phone numbers. Virtual numbers allow users to pick a phone number with any area code, and all calls to and from that area code become cheap local calls. Not only are users saving money by using virtual numbers, but virtual numbers also let the user’s friends and family who call the user save money too.
  3. Axvoice
    Axvoice is a goldmine for cheap Residential VoIP phone service with useful several free phone features. For $8.25/month per line, Axvoice users save money on home phone service while enjoying fun perks like 3-way calling, call forwarding, voicemail, and 30 other features that come with the basic home package. Axvoice also offers unlimited nationwide calling so all of those pesky long distance fees disappear from the phone bill.
  4. ITP
    Some residential providers do more than just provide excellent US calling service. ITP shines as a residential VoIP provider for cheap international calling. For $24.99/month per line, users have unlimited access to 60 countries worldwide. This is a perfect money saving for users who need ways to save on international phone calls to loved ones overseas. Saving money just got a lot more international with ITP.
  5. VOIPo
    VOIPo helps users save money in a big way. VOIPo’s basic plan is one of the absolute cheapest plans on the market, with their basic residential plan at $6.21/month per line with a two-year contract. That price comes with a copious amount of features, like caller ID, anonymous call blocking, call waiting, and 3-way calling.

When it comes to saving money on home phone service, VoIP technology is an excellent option for good phone service at low costs.

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