Announces the Top 5 Residential VoIP Providers that will Save Users Money this Memorial Day Weekend

May 24, 2013
It’s Memorial Day Weekend! The grill is ready, the sand is hot, and people are ready to travel. It’s no secret that traveling is an expensive hobby. Gas prices are through the roof and hotel rates aren’t that much better. However, there is hope: VoIP phone service.

While all other traveling expenses cost users a ton of money, VoIP phone service remains cheap and easy. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) allows users to make and receive phone calls using the Internet instead of landlines or cellular towers. VoIP is anywhere from 50 to 80% cheaper than traditional service.

To help travelers save a little extra money this Memorial Day, My VoIP Provider is announcing the top 5 residential VoIP providers that will save users money this Memorial Day weekend, as well as the rest of the year.

1. VOIPo

VOIPo is one of the absolute cheapest home VoIP providers out there. Users pay upfront for a year of service, equaling to about $6.21/month per line. Paying upfront frees users from needing to remember the monthly phone budget as they travel throughout the year. VOIPo offers unlimited nationwide calling with their basic home package, so travelers can make cheap phone calls no matter where they end up in the US over their holiday.

2. Phone Power

Mobile VoIP is key for Memorial Day traveling. Mobile VoIP allows users to download a VoIP app to their smartphones, tablets, or laptops and bring their cheap VoIP service with them on their trip. Phone Power now offers an iPhone app so users can take their mobile VoIP with them on their Apple products. As long as users have a strong Internet connection, they can get cheap phone calls no matter where they’re traveling to in the country.

3. ITP

Who said that traveling is restricted within state lines? Some Memorial Day travelers get out of town by going out of country for awhile. ITP is one of the best residential VoIP providers to help them travel cheaply while crisscrossing around the world. ITP runs for $24.99/month per line for unlimited international calling to 60 countries, including Austria, Belgium, Brazil, and China.

4. is a great provider for travelers who want to stay connected to their long distance friends and loved ones all year round. offers virtual phone numbers. Virtual numbers allow users to pick a phone number with any area code, and all calls to and from that area code become local cheap phone calls. Using virtual numbers, both the traveler and his or her loved ones experience great savings on their monthly phone bills.

5. Axvoice

Travelers need phone service that won’t break the bank, and Axvoice is perfect for offering some really great discounted deals. Their cheapest plan is called the Pay As You Go plan and runs for $4.99/month per line, plus $0.019/minute for each call. If the user needs a little more calling ability, Axvoice offers their unlimited US and Canada plan for $8.25/month per line. Both of these plans come with a ton of free features, like caller ID, telemarketer blocking, and voicemail.

VoIP is the perfect travel companion to experience cheap prices no matter where users travel to this Memorial Day weekend.

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