WiFi Tools for VoIP and Surfing

by Jennifer Cuellar

A great summary of websites and tools from around the web to find and utilize WiFi hotspots as well as making those free VoIP calls.

BT Openzone - Users can surf broadband internet with their Wi-Fi enabled laptops, in cafes, hotels and other public places in UK, Ireland and other parts of world.

DeviceScape - Users can connect mobile devices to hotspots and Wi-Fi networks.

Free Wireless Internet and Broadband Internet - Directory of Free Wi-Fi locations all over Australia.

HotSpotr - User generated listings of Wi-Fi Cafes and Hotspots across the US and other parts of world.

Hotspot1 - Bringing communities of hotspot users together.

Hot Spot AirDump - Country-wide search for free hotspot locations in Britain.

Hotspot-Locations - A global database of hotspot locations. The database covers commerical hotspots as well as free WiFi locations.

The HotSpot Directory - Another directory listing search of Wi-Fi hotspots for corporate and end-users.

HotSpot Haven - Quick search engine results for users seeking a Wi-Fi hotspot for internet access. Filtering options include wireless providers and selection of venues like airports, cafes for search.

ilovefreewifi - Community listing of free Wi-Fi hotspots over United States.

JiWire - Comprehensive search engine indexing Wi-Fi hotspots from all over the world.

Lessnetworks.com - Community of users driving the goal of free Wi-Fi together.

Loose Connection - Free Wi-Fi hotspot listings in cafes and bars across South of England.

Meraki - Meraki’s goal is to provide wireless internet to user groups worldwide.

MobiTV - The first mobile television and digital radio service provider for cellular, Wi-Fi and broadband enabled devices worldwide.

myHotspots - Locate Wi-Fi hotspots from over 6500 locations in the UK by entering area codes of towns.

OpenWifiSpots - Listing and guides of where the public can find and add free Wi-Fi internet access hotspots.

PlaceSite - Community-driven concept based on people accessing the internet in free Hotspots close to each other.

Portland WiFi hotspots - WiFi hotspots directory for users in Portland, Oregon.

T-Mobile - To view the Hotspots closest to you enter your details in the box. Users do not have to complete every entry, they can search by zipcodes for example.

WiFi411 - Search for free as well as paid listings of Wi-Fi Hotspots all over the world.

Google Map-powered Sites

atlarge.com - Search for Wi-Fi connections in airports all over the globe.

8zero2 - An easy to use search site for free and commercial Wi-Fi hotspots in United States either through maps or by address.

Cup of NYC - Another service using Google Maps to list Wi-Fi enabled coffee shops in New York.

FindmesomeWifi.com - Extensive database utilizing Google maps to display worldwide Wi-Fi hotspots.

gWifi.net - Free Wi-Fi locator service using Google maps.

Realtime WiFi Map for Montreal - Excellent service enabling users to search for Wi-Fi locations in Canada via Google Maps.

WeFi - A downloadable service that allows visitors to search for Wi-Fi spots and other users of the service.


AnchorFree WiFi - Users are provided free hotspot routers and in return they allow others to get online with their internet connection in the United States.

FON - The worlds largest Wi-Fi Community where users are provided with free Wi-Fi routers to build a shared community of free Wi-Fi access.

Skyhook Wireless - Not exactly a Wi-Fi internet provider; Skyhook is a Wi-Fi based position system for mobile device owners in the United States.

All credits go to mashable.com

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