250 Alternatives to Vonage in the US and Canada

by Jennifer Cuellar

Will Vonage be around in a few months time? They may have chunks of cash stacked away, but this will not last forever if their legal battle with Verizon draws out for any protracted period of time.

Vonage customers need not be worried. There are so many alternative VoIP services to choose from in the US and Canada ( Selecting from over 250 VoIP providers is not an easy task) that making the right choice is probably going to cause more of a headache. It is probably best to contact a few of them and drop a hint that you are a current Vonage customer and are looking to change providers and be rest assured that you new service will make a plan to accommodate you quickly. A number of the smaller providers are already offering specials for Vonage customers willing to change.

A few of them may drop the activation fee just to get your business and many of them are already slightly cheaper on the monthly charges.

Please note that the Vonage ATA (adapter) will not work with any new VoIP providers as the ATA's supplied by Vonage are locked into their service. Here again many of the VoIP alternatives to Vonage will send you a new ATA free of charge. What will take more time and may be a problem is porting the old Vonage number to the new VoIP provider. It may take a week or so and not be quite hassle free.

Below is a list of the top alternative VoIP services in the US and Canada (excluding cable operators). The providers have been ranked according to the cost for the first 12 months or service.

Vonage Alternatives in the US and Canada
  Provider Adapter included? Monthly Cost Shipping Special Country First Year Cost
Sunrocket.com www.sunrocket.com Yes $16.60
(Yearly Contract
Shipping: Free
Setup: Free
3 Months Free USA $199
Voip.com www.voip.com Yes $16.95
(Yearly Contract
Shipping: $9.95
Setup: $29.95
None USA $242.90
Allo.com www.allo.com No
$49 Extra
(Yearly Contract
Shipping: Free
Setup: Free
First Month Free Canada $248
Viatalk.com www.viatalk.com Yes $19.08
(Yearly Contract
Shipping: $9.95
Setup: $29.95
Second year Free USA $268.90
Zingotel.com www.zingotel.com Yes $19.95 Shipping: $9.95
Setup: $19.95
First Month Free USA $269.30
Axvoice.com www.axvoice.com Yes $18.99 Shipping: $14.95
Setup: $34.95
None USA $277.82
Broadvoice.com www.broadvoice.com Yes $19.95 Shipping: $14.95
Setup: $39.95
Unlimited calls to 21 countries USA $294.30
Teliax.com www.teliax.com Yes $24.99 Shipping: Free
Setup: Free
None USA $299.88
Lingo.com www.lingo.com Yes $21.95 Shipping: $9.95
Setup: $29.95
First Month Free USA $303.30
Packet8.com www.packet8.com Yes $24.99 Shipping: Free
Setup: $29.99
First Month Free USA $329.87
att.com www.usa.att.com Yes $24.99 Shipping: $9.95
Setup: $29.99
First Month Free USA $339.82
Inphonex.com www.inphonex.com No
$39.95 Extra
$24.95 Shipping: $8.25
Setup: 19.95
None USA $367.55
Quantumvoice.com www.quantumvoice.com Yes $29.99 Shipping: $9.95
Setup: $35.00
None USA $404.83
(includes Taxes)


For even a wider choice of VoIP services please check the following directory listings:

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