Betamax VoIP Credit Cologne - Fraudulent credit card charges

by Jennifer Cuellar

The company Betamax in Cologne, Germany is a Holding company for various VoIP providers (* see below) and you will most likely to have found this post by searching for the following keywords on Google or Yahoo:

Betamax VoIP Credit Cologne

Over the past few months we at My VoIP Provider have received numerous complaints from users reporting fraudulent charges on their credit cards and in all cases "Betamax VoIP Credit Cologne" was listed on their statements. We received these complaints as our site has very often been mistaken for Betamax as an article of ours ranks very high on major search engines on a topic relating to Betamax.

These fraudent charges are not a scam from Betamax and most likely your credit card has been compromised and we recommend to that you cancel the card with immediate effect and report the fraudulent charges to the credit card company. This will allow your credit card company to investigate the origin of the debits to your card.

It has beem extremely difficult to contact Betamax in the past, but they recognize that credit card fraud is a serious problem, especially for their business, and request that all customers with fraudelent charges please contact them at the following email address:

They have agreed to review all complaints from users submitted to this email address. Please do not use this contact for any other purpose. It will be ignored.

* Online VoIP Services from Betamax


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