Gizmo Launches Free Web-Based SMS

by Jennifer Cuellar

SIPphone, the makes of Gizmo project and Gizmo Call, announced today the launch of its free web based SMS service.

Located at the service allows users to send SMS text messages from any web browser, for free. All you have to do is enter a mobile number, select the country of the number, type a message, and click send.

According to information on their site, their new service allows users to send messages to mobile phones in more than 65 countries on over 215 mobile networks.

Well, we tested it and sent SMS's to two mobile phones in South Africa, but it seems like South Africa is not part of the 65 countries and 215 networks.

After 30 minutes there was still no sign of an incomming SMS, but maybe the messages are still sitting in a waiting list ready to be sent.

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