Betamax launches yet another VoIP service

by Jennifer Cuellar

On the 15 March 2007 the Betamax group lauched yet another VoIP service at This is now the 13th VoIP service they have launched in the past 2 years. In essence the websites are all identical, with the exception of the logos and to a minor extent the rates.

One would think that 12 services from one company are enough, but it seems they feel the obligation to launch new sevice every few months now in the faint hope of attracting new users or to encourage users from one of their other services to swop and deposit a further €10.

This copy and paste of new VoIP services is really becoming pathetic and Betamax do not even bother to read their own Terms and Conditions. Launching and leaving the wording from in the T&C does not exactly demonstrate any real sound business principles.

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