VoX Mobile VoIP Reached 100,000 Downloads

by Rachel Greenberg

VoX Mobile VoIP reports 100,000 downloads

According to Pervasip, VoX Mobile VoIP, a VoIP app for Android devices, has reportedly surpassed the 100,000 mark in downloads.

The VoX Mobile VoIP app allows a user to make cheap VoIP calls to other VoIP numbers or to mobile or landline numbers. Calls between VoX users are free, and an account includes 60 free minutes of international calling. VoX Mobile VoIP uses either a WiFi connection, or a 3G or 4G connection to make VoIP calls “around” a customer’s phone service provider so that they don’t have to use up minutes with their mobile service provider.

According to VoX Communications spokespeople, the app, which has been available for download since last October, has gotten very good reviews from users. However, some recent developments and changes to the app may be responsible for the recent wave of downloads. Representatives for VoX Communications suggest that the new “Pay As You Go” feature has made it especially easy to pay for VoIP calls quickly, which encourages customers to use the app.

Previously, customers could only use the VoX Mobile VoIP app if they bought a monthly subscription. Now if a customer isn’t ready to commit to a subscription, they can choose the “Pay As You Go” option instead.

The US & Canada 300 plan costs $5.59/month for 300 minutes of calling. The US&Canada 1200 plan costs $19.95/month for 1200 minutes. With both of these plans, a customer pays for international calls separately by adding money to the account. The cost of international minutes are then subtracted from this account. Customers can refill their accounts by adding money whenever they want. Costs for international calls are very low, as low as $0.01/minute.

With the “Pay As You Go” option, customers just add money to their accounts to talk. Account payments can be as low as $1. Calls within the US, Canada and Puerto Rico cost $0.029 a minute with the “Pay As You Go” option.

This option allows potential customers to test VoX Mobile VoIP service before committing to a plan. Alternatively, it allows customers to just use VoX Mobile VoIP occasionally if they still want to use their mobile service provider for the majority of their calling.

VoX Mobile VoIP has introduced their “Pay As You Go” app at about the same time that Skype introduced their one-click payment method. Skype’s one-click service allows customers to immediately add money to their account without having to use Paypal or enter in credit card information.  However, Skype hasn’t introduced a mobile version of their payment app yet. It will be interesting to see how the competition between these two providers plays out as Skype hurries to finish their mobile app.

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