VoIP with Wifi

by Jennifer Cuellar

The idea of combining voip service with wifi has been around for the last 3-4 years. What does it mean ? It means you can be at the beach, sipping a pina colada and make long distance or international phone calls with relatively inexpensive rates using WiFi (wireless fidelity) devices such as a laptop or cellphone, whenever you are in wifi hotspots. Ideally, that is.

There are already few voip companies who pioneered this new frontier.Truphone.com (UK based VoIP Company) boldly markets their products on Iphone and Nokia smartphones. ICall has also has been developing native voip application for iphone. (Apple allows VoIP service ONLY on wifi mode to protect their contractors [AT&T, T-Mobile, etc...].)

So what's good about having wifi voip phones when you still are having a hard time finding free hotspots? Would it even be worth it to sign up for wifi voip service? May be not for general public, but if you are student, yes it would.

Most students spend their time at school where wifi connections are readily available. By signing up for voip service, they could save money on long distance and international calls. With the money saved, maybe, they can spend it on textbooks.




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