10 Best VoIP Accessories for Holiday Business Shoppers

by Jennifer Cuellar

By: Nathan Miloszewski | Communications Manager | VoIP Supply

I know what you’re thinking. Why would someone want to buy VoIP accessories for the holidays? Those are boring gifts, right?

People may not realize it but, there really are some interesting VoIP devices out there. I did say “some,” not a lot but, some.

Also consider who these accessories are for. Your favorite tech dork, work from home employee, or small businessperson could benefit from the versatility of these gadgets.

Here are the 10 best VoIP accessories for holiday business shoppers:

Obihai VoIP Adapters and WiFi Accessories

Obihai VoIP Adapters are one of the simplest ways to your analog phone or fax machine to make calls over the Internet with SIP or Google Voice.

Obihai VoIP Adapters come in a 1-port version, the Obi110, for a single analog line and a 2-port version, the Obi202, to connect two analog phones or one phone and a fax machine.

Additionally, Obihai has some fun WiFi accessories to make your experience mobile.

The OBiBT USB Bluetooth Adapter can be used with the Obi202 to connect analog phones to your Bluetooth device. And the OBiWiFi USB WiFi Adapter connects to the Obi202’s USB port to connect analog devices to your wireless router and make VoIP calls from anywhere in WiFi range.

Logitech BCC950 Video Conference Camera

Are you finally getting it? Meetings are more impactful when they are face-to-face.

The Logitech BCC950 is a high definition webcam and full duplex speakerphone combined into one stylish desktop unit. This fancy webcam is designed for business-grade video conferencing from the desktop when there are multiple parties involved.

The BCC950 is optimized for Microsoft Lync and Skype and is perfect for popular video conferencing platforms such as Lifesize Connections, Mirial Softphone, and Cisco Jabber.

Aver AP20T Virtual Whiteboard Pen

The Aver AP20T Virtual Whiteboard Pen lets you interact with and create drawings for virtual whiteboards from up to 50 feet away.

The Aver Pen can control any software on your PC or Mac, comes with a rechargeable battery, and can be used on any flat surface.

Teachers and students are using the Aver Pen in classrooms to encourage participation, enjoy better project collaboration, and have a quicker interactive learning experience.

Plantronics Blackwire C320 USB Headset

At under $50, the Plantronics Blackwire C320 is a simple and elegant USB-powered 20 VoIP headset that packs high-fidelity stereo audio into a light, and easy-to-wear package.

With noise cancelling technology and inline volume controls, you’ll be able to work or play in any environment.

iFusion SmartStation for iPhones

The new iPhone 5 may left you feeling less impressed with your former love but, that’s no reason not to breathe new life into your old iPhone.

The Altigen iFusion SmartStation will let your classic iPhone soldier on, on top of your desktop. The SmartStation is a docking station that uses Bluetooth to turns the iPhone into a standard desk phone with a traditional handset and speakerphone to provide exceptional comfort and sound quality for everyday business use.

A pass through USB port will charge your iPhone and sync it with your PC or Mac.

Jabra Speak 410 USB Speakerphone

From hands free phone calls to media playback, the Jabra Speak 410 USB Speakerphone is a compact, convenient, and portable USB conference phone designed for office professionals.

The travel case and wrap around cable makes it easy to carry around and set up anywhere you need it. With clear wideband sound quality and an omnidirectional microphone you’ll easily hear and be heard.

Advanced Network Devices IP Clock

This is not your typical clock, information display, and warning system. The Advanced Network Devices (AND) IP Clock is a Power over Ethernet (PoE) synchronized clock, intercom, scrolling text display, two-way voice communicator, and flashing strobe light mega system!

It looks like a simple clock but it’s so much more and easily connects to your existing data, paging, and notification network.

Scrolling messages can be received from a PC, RSS feed, or your Twitter account. The built in microphone allows you to have a two-way conversation with the operator, audio can be sent to the speaker from an iPod or MP3 player, and the three flashing strobe lights can be set up for emergencies or alerts.

Or, set up a hallway dance party with the microphone, audio feed, and strobe lights.

Mobotix T24 Security Door Camera

What do you get the person whose home or office halls are decked with the most cutting edge tech gadgets? The Mobotix T24 Door Station IP Camera is a unique product to fill that void.

Fully weatherproof and rated for outdoor use, this IP camera acts like a sentry to guard and grant access to your entranceway and you don’t even need to physically be there to monitor or interact with people.

Because it’s IP-based and the way it’s designed, you can access the T24’s functions from anywhere you are with a video phone, a computer, or a tablet/iPad.

And with its hemispheric lens that captures a 180 degree, wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling panoramic view, no one can sneak by without you seeing them plus you can have two-way video conversations from anywhere in the world, record with sound, and enable a keyless entry option and remotely open doors.

Grandstream IP Camera and Video Phone Bundle

The Grandstream GXV3615 IP Camera and GXV3140 Video Phone Bundle is a great little starter kit for a new home or small office setting. With the bundle you can access two IP cameras from the dedicated convenience of your desktop phone so you can run your business and keep an eye on its surroundings.

The bundle includes a Grandstream SIP enabled Video Phone, the Skype certified GXV3140, and two adorably small Grandstream GXV3615 Cube IP Cameras that feature motion detection, alert notification, and low light sensitivity.

The cameras and video phone have been tested for compatibility to ensure that they work together.

Panasonic IP Camera and Touch Screen Phone Bundle

The Panasonic IP Camera and Touch Screen Phone Bundle is similar to the Grandstream bundle above but has more features.

The Panasonic bundle includes two WV-SP105 i-Pro IP cameras that feature motion detection, high definition, and programmable privacy masks to gray out sensitive areas such as windows or high traffic areas.

The Panasonic KX-UT670 Video Phone has a large 7-inch touch screen that functions just like the cell phones and tablets we’re used to, is PoE enabled, and has 3-way conference calling.

The Panasonic cameras plus the video phone have been tested to ensure compatibility.

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