Well Known VoIP Service Provider, FreedomVoice rolling out Newber

by jen

Well known VoIP service providers, FreedomVOICE are now teaming up with iPhone to create yet another iPhone application.

“Newber Beta is the first moveable number that utilizes iPhone’s own location awareness,” explained Eric Thomas, founder and CEO of FreedomVOICE. “Just touch the keypad once or twice and Newber calls are automatically moved to the nearest landline. It’s that easy.”

Newber Beta an application made by Freedom Voice exists as a fully functional second line on an iPhone and uses iPhone’s built in GPS technology to locate and seamlessly transfer calls to nearby landlines, even when a call is already in progress.

FreedomVoice the makers of Newber are well known with VoIP providers.  The commercial version will be available through iTunes applications store later this year.
Newber Beta claims to,

•    Save money and reduce cell phone minutes
•    Eliminate dropped calls in ‘dead zones’
•    Conserve iPhone battery life

Newber Beta gives each user an independent number that can be assigned to any phone which makes me wonder if I had an iPhone and was a NewberBeta customer I could actually leave work early and have my work calls routed to and from my iPhone.  Newber Beta also automatically dials numbers using the ‘Contact Finder’ feature. If a call isn’t answered at the 1st number attempted ‘Contact Finder automatically dials the next number listed for the contact.

Newber plans to release programs for other mobile phones in the near future.

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