VoIP Provider Sunrocket in financial difficulties

by Jennifer Cuellar

A few days ago, on the 29 June 2007 to be exact, Gigaom reported rumors that VoIP provider Sunrocket were planning to layoff 40 of their staff.

It was already common knowledge in the Industry that Sunrocket were no longer paying their affiliates and some affiliates reported that they had not received commissions since March of this year.

Due to the non payment Sunrocket have received 4 months of free advertising and now Linkshare, their affiliate manager, has placed Sunrockets' affiliate program on hold as they "are unable to determine if and when payment will be received" from Sunrocket.

This could be most unfortunate for the over 200000 Sunrocket subscribers if Sunrocket would fold in the near future and without their affiliate network it will be highly unlikely that Sunrocket will attract sufficient new subscribers to alleviate their financial difficulties.

The next few weeks will be crucial and maybe we can book Sunrocket a place in our VoIP Provider Graveyard?

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