How VoIP Makes it Easier to Keep Up with Your Favorite Hobbies

by Jennifer Cuellar

No matter what your hobby is, there is likely a solution that will make it better or more enjoyable. A service like Voice over Internet Protocol, for example, can improve hobbies in ways you never thought possible. VoIP is phone service that uses the Internet to transfer voice data. VoIP is a great alternative to traditional phone service because:

  • It saves you money on monthly phone bills.
  • It gives you features that cost extra or are unavailable with traditional providers.
  • There is no extra charge for long distance calls.

Here are a few hobbies that could benefit from the use of VoIP:


VoIP is a great service because it is mobile, meaning it is not attached to a traditional phone line connection. This can be a great benefit for people that do a lot of travelling. You can take your IP phone with you anywhere you go, and you can make and receive calls. As long as your IP phone is connected to a power source and the Internet, you have access to VoIP. You can make unlimited calls to numbers in the US and Canada, even if you are backpacking through Europe.

Additionally, there are providers that allow you to use VoIP on your cell phone, which is called mobile VoIP. Mobile VoIP uses your data plan to make calls, rather than deduce any of your cell phone’s minutes. This is a perfect way to avoid roaming charges while travelling.

Video Games

VoIP is also a great solution for video gamers. Many VoIP providers offer a feature called a softphone that lets you make VoIP calls using a computer. VoIP calls using a softphone carry no extra charge, so gamers take for hours while playing. A gamer can have a private chat with friends, or discuss strategies with teammates.

Yes, there are voice chat options available within each game, but those are open to anyone. Using a VoIP softphone, on the other hand, allows you to create a more personalized community.

Discussing Movies, TV, and Books

Sometimes, movies, books, and TV are better when shared. With VoIP calls and IP video conferencing, you can have a long conversation with a friend or loved one about the book you’re reading or your favorite movie, and if you want, you could even show them a particular scene from a movie. Art is even better when it’s shared, and VoIP makes it easier than ever (and cheaper!) to share everything.

Rachel Greenberg is site editor of My VoIP Provider.

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