My VoIP Provider on Facebook's New VoIP App

by Jennifer Cuellar

Facebook phone calls--it’s not just for Canada anymore. Facebook has just launched its own version of VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) calling, which is technology allowing free calls from phones or computers to other phones and computers. In Facebook’s case, these calls are made via their Facebook Messenger app.

All calls are free as long as they take place within a WiFi area. Calls placed out of a WiFi zone fall under whatever paid data plan the user already has. This is big big news following a very successful two-week test run in Canada.

In order to place a call, Messenger users need to locate the “i” button found on the top of every chat window and select the new “Free Call” button. Users must be using the latest iOS version of Messenger, which can be downloaded for free from Apple’s App Store. Messenger is currently Apple’s 17th most popular app in their App Store.

And Facebook is bringing voice mails back. Facebook is joining the ranks of esteemed VoIP companies such as 8x8, Inc,, and VOIPo by adding a voice mail feature to their app.

To leave a voice message, users need to tap the "+" button next to the box where the message section is located and hit "Record," holding down the button as the user is talking. Releasing the button automatically sends the message.

Facebook is also setting itself apart by automatically turning a user’s Facebook friends into potential contacts, which means users don’t have to add contacts one-by-one.

Depending on the success of this new American launch, Facebook is looking to expand this Messenger VoIP feature to Europe. No timeline for an expansion has yet been given.

Until then, US and Canada users are definitely “like”ing this new VoIP feature of Facebook.

Jennifer Cuellar is a writer for My VoIP Provider. She earned her English Literature degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona.

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