VoIP Company in the Spotlight: Voice2Phone

by Jennifer Cuellar

Even in this tech-savvy day and age, sometimes nothing beats a regular old phone call. This is why phone campaigns remain as important as ever for advertising, marketing, and customer satisfaction purposes. Whether these campaigns are used for a new business product, or a political candidate, or a health alert, phone campaigns can help you reach the masses.

Voice2Phone is leading the way in phone campaigns, offering one of the cheapest and most effective phone campaign software programs on the market. There are only three things a company needs before they start their new marketing campaign through Auto Dialer: VoIP phone service, Voice2Phone’s downloaded Auto Dialer program, and 20 minutes of spare time for setup.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) phone service allows customers, as the name suggests, to use Internet protocol as a method of transferring phone calls as voice data. Internet calling is far cheaper than regular calling over copper landlines, and it’s unlimited nationwide. With a VoIP service and an Auto Dialer program, a business could end up saving a lot on a very effective business phone plan.

Auto Dialer saves money by cutting labor and phone bill costs

In the past, a company could only successfully implement a phone campaign by utilizing a fully staffed call center. With Auto Dialer programs, a company can significantly downsize their call center staff, but still have the same fully operational calling service. With Auto Dialer, a company can automatically broadcast a message to reach hundreds to thousands of people with just one person managing the phone system.

Auto Dialer is, above all else, cost effective. The Dialer works with VoIP technology for cheap unlimited calls, so to buy Auto Dialer, you only have to consider the upfront cost, starting at $199.  Auto Dialer doesn’t require hardware and it doesn’t require a visit from a technician. It cuts the need for call centers and labor by making the same amount of voice calls per hours as a full-time staff of center agents.

Auto Dialer is easy to use

VoIP users download Auto Dialer from the Voice2Phone website, then configure the audio message they want broadcasted to their audience. The user can record a new message they want sent out or they can transfer a previously recorded file. Once the recording is in place, the user can manually type in all of the phone numbers that they want the calls to go to, or they can import that information through a .csv file. Not only is the phone number information imported, but the name and description of the person being called is included as well.

This importing feature is what makes Auto Dialer so efficient. It’s specifically designed to handle hundreds of phone calls efficiently and promptly. Users can also group together phone numbers to create different marketing categories. These categories make it easier to target certain groups for different messages and campaigns.

Once users are ready to broadcast, they simply click the Auto Dialer “Dialer” button. The message broadcast will then dial up to 5 numbers simultaneously, or 60 calls per hour for messages that are about 30 seconds long. Voice2Phone offers additional lines which can increase the number of simultaneous calls to about 120 calls for two lines to the max of 300 calls per hour using 5 lines. Auto Dialer will continue to call a number if it reaches a busy signal, and it will leave a message if it hits an answering machine.

If you still aren’t sure about Voice2Phone, check out their FAQs.

Auto Dialer collects marketing and data information

Auto Dialer can also be used for data collecting. Auto Dialer can use be setup for touch-tone interactive voice responses. Using this feature, a business can create some polling questions so that they gather information directly from the customer. This information can be used to market the current product, or used to help create the next product.

When it comes phone campaigns, the old call center isn’t the only option. Voice2Phone’s Auto Dialer saves money and time by getting rid of the old brick and mortar call center while maintaining its productivity. Auto Dialer reaches the masses without ever breaking the bank.

Rachel Greenberg is site editor for My VoIP Provider.

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