Verizon and Disney Team Up

by jen

M- I- C-, K- E- Y, M- O- U- S- E, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, I can hear it now, the Mickey Mouse club singing over WiFi signals and into the mobile phones of pampered kids and parents everywhere.

Verizon Wireless and The Walt Disney Co. are teaming up to offer Verizon customers a new downloadable application designed to entice and enhance the Disney experience.  Verizon users who choose the beefed up version of the application will reap a multitude of benefits including,

  • Voice messages from Disney characters like Goofy and Buzz Lightyear
  • Interactive maps of Disney theme parks
  • Real time show information
  • Mobile Games
  • Calendars to assist in planning a Disney vacation
  • Tips on how best to navigate through a Disney theme park

The two companies plan to offer the new service in the first quarter of 2009. They haven’t mentioned how they plan to incorporate VoIP technology but my guess is that it will be incorporated and most users won’t even know it – that’s how simple VoIP can be. Verizon is leveraging their relationship with Disney to bolster its network capacity and they promise to place more cell towers close to Disney theme parks to ensure that customers have enough reception to support the application.

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