The Most Beneficial VoIP Features You May Have Ignored

by Jennifer Cuellar

As VoIP providers offer countless calling features, it’s easy to lose track of all of them. Each of the calling options are designed to help you better manage your inbound and outbound calls, but they’re not doing much good if you don’t realize their potential. Therefore, My VoIP Provider has outlined some of the most helpful VoIP features, which are available on most basic plans at no additional charge.

1.) Voicemail to Email
This feature automatically turns your voicemails into mp3 files and sends them to your email inbox. With this option, you can check your voicemails anywhere you have access to the Internet.

2.) Auto Attendant
Why invest in a full-time receptionist when the auto attendant feature will automatically answer your calls for you? This feature is a recording that plays to incoming callers, prompting them to dial an extension, and then directing them to the correct employee or department.

3.) Find Me Follow Me
Top VoIP providers offer this call forwarding option, which practically eliminates the chances of you ever missing a call again. You can program several phones to ring at once when an incoming caller dials your VoIP number. Set up your mobile phone, home landline, vacation home landline, or even your hotel landline to ring when your VoIP number rings. Chances are, you’ll have access to at least one of these lines at any given time.

4.) Click-to-Call Me
You can set a Click-to-Call Me link on your website or in your email signature, and users can literally click on the link to connect a call to your VoIP number. The link prompts users to type in their telephone number, and then their telephone and your telephone will simultaneously ring connecting the two parties. This is a convenient option if you want others to have access to your telephone number when you don’t want to plaster your telephone number on the Internet for all to see.

5.) Do Not Disturb
Ever get distracted by your ringing phone while you’re trying to meet an urgent deadline? Or has a phone call ever interrupted your boss during an important meeting? The Do Not Disturb option lets you direct your incoming business VoIP calls straight to your voicemail during those times when you can’t afford any distractions.

Rachel Greenberg is site editor for My VoIP Provider.

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