Top 3 VoIP Features to Get Rid of Work Distractions

distracted employee in the office

by Ion Mae

In order to get things done and to be productive at work (whether in the office or working from home), you need to focus and minimize distractions. But with busy phones, loud conversations, the internet, and all other possible distractions that scream for your attention, staying focused can be close to impossible.

Fortunately, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phone systems are more than just cheaper phone calls. Most VoIP solutions also come with a host of tools and features that help eliminate common distractions that happen in work environments. Here are 3 of the most useful VoIP features that business owners and employees can use to get rid of distractions at work and thus become more productive.

Do Not Disturb

First on the list is one of the more common and obvious features: Do Not Disturb. This VoIP feature is incredibly useful when you need to get things done and can’t afford to be interrupted by a ringing phone. Once this feature is enabled, all incoming calls will be directed to your voicemail so you can work in peace. You can also utilize this feature when you’re on an important phone call with clients or colleagues.

Call Blocking

Telemarketing and solicitation calls continue to be a major problem (and annoyance) for businesses. Even if the call takes less than a minute, it still consumes your precious time and distracts you from more important work. To keep these annoying unsolicited telemarketers from ringing your phone, consider activating the Call Blocking feature.

Most business VoIP services allow you to block both inbound or outbound calls based on your specifications. You can permanently block specific phone numbers as well as those who do not display their caller ID information so they can never reach or bother you again.

Presence Indicator

One of the best ways to let your contacts know if you’re available or not is through the Presence indicator. The Presence Monitoring feature is offered by VoIP service providers like Jive and RingCentral, and lets users visually monitor other lines and know whether a particular employee is on an active call or not.

By checking a user’s presence information, businesses can communicate more effectively by calling or sending messages at a time when they know the recipient is available. This helps prevent unnecessary interruptions that waste time and money. A classic example is when a coworker comes up to say hello when you’re in the middle of a conference call with a client.

Final Thoughts

Workplace distractions are inevitable. While a bit of distraction can help keep the day from feeling monotonous, too much of it can keep you from actually getting things done. Thankfully, these useful VoIP features can help you tune them out and tackle the task at hand by alleviating some of the more commonplace work distractions..


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