the iPod touch can make VoIP calls

by jen

I knew the iPod touch had the technology to make VoIP calls but I didn't understand why it was blocked on the device. When my brother in law told me about the iPod touch he bought for my sister and that she would be able to listen to music like an iPod and check her email but couldn't make phone calls I was perplexed. I knew she would be using WiFi to check email so why couldn't she make VoIP calls too? The question has lingered in my head for several months until yesterday when I stumbled upon another great Apple application.

Truphone a private company not owned by Steve Jobs or Apple has created a free downloadable program for iPod touch users. The music playing device can be simply transformed into a mobile phone of course VoIP calls only please. iPod touch users should be able to call other iPod touchers, Google Talk Messenger's and Truphoner's. The application hopes to add the capability of calling landlines too.

You are probably wondering about the outgoing speaker which would enable 2-way communication. Yes, of course it already has an outgoing speaker since it is a music player after all, duh. A headset with a microphone the kind you used to see on the Time Life commercials would work great with the iPod touch because it has an ear piece for listening and a microphone for blabbing.

Oh and like so many other VoIP features, not a phone bill in sight. Yah VoIP saves the day again.


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