The Google Phone Makes VoIP Calls

by jen

T-Mobile and Google unveiled a potential new competitor to the iPhone yesterday. The new Google phone also known as T-Mobile G1 is 3G-enabled and comes with Wi-Fi so users can make VoIP calls. The phone costs $179 and is available only for pre-order to existing T-Mobile customers who can expect to receive the phone by October 22 which is also the commercial launch date. The T-Mobile G1 works on the 3G network which is said to be available in 27 markets by mid-November of this year.

A quick glance of the phone's attractive features,

  • Touchscreen
  • Wi-Fi enabled for VoIP calls
  • Google Chrome
  • Google maps street view
  • Full QWERTY keyboard
  • Megapixel Camera

As new developments and VoIP applications make their way to the Google Phone we will continue to update you. If you hear of their latest and greatest VoIP application or mobile VoIP feature post here.

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