Stanaphone - One of the oldest VoIP services hits the bucket

by Jennifer Cuellar

Oh dear - when one of the oldest and most respected VoIP providers decides the shut down their services then one should start wondering.

Early April 2007 closed their doors for new retail customers and may start focusing on the business market instead - that is if you believe the brief statement on their website.

It is not an easy market to be in and with international call rates dropping monthly any new VoIP services will require deep, very deep pockets or exiting new features. New features are hard to come by so it will most likely boil down to offering even cheaper calls with smaller margins to attract new customers.

The selection is already so overwhelming with over 1500 providers to choose from.

However there may still be a large untapped market for mobile VoIP services. This could be the real growth market for 2007 to 2010.

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