How You Could Spend Less on VoIP Than on a Beer

by Jennifer Cuellar

Spring Break is coming up fast, and thousand of college students around the globe will be heading to vacation destinations. So, My VoIP Provider has come up with a few VoIP solutions that cost less than a can or two (or three) of cheap beer.


Residential VoIP provider ITP offers a basic service plan for $9.99/month. That includes a free Linksys adapter and router, unlimited inbound calls, and you get to keep your existing phone number. When you purchase an overpriced beer, you don’t even get to keep the glass.


AxVoice, another residential VoIP provider, offers a pay-as-you-go plan that is only $4.99/month. With a pay-as-you-go plan, you only pay for the calls you make.

AxVoice also offers a plan that has no monthly fee, whereby you treat the service like a calling card service. Any outgoing calls you make are only $0.015/minute. At such a low per-minute rate, you’d have to spend several days on the phone just to equal the price of one pint of beer.

Phone Power

Phone Power has a special going on right now that gives you two year’s worth of service for the price of one. While you pay $199.95 up front, your average monthly payment totals out to only $8.33.

Residential VoIP provider offers phone service for only $7.99/month.’s service includes a free 2-line adapter, and several useful calling features. One of’s best features is voicemail transcription, which turns your voicemail messages into written text. That way you can read your voicemails while on-the-go.


VOIPo is another provider that offers a substantially discounted rate with two years of VoIP service. Their 2-year plan is $149, which totals out to only $6.21/month. After two months of enjoying VoIP service, you would have actually spent less than you would on one single pint of overpriced beer.

Rachel Greenberg is site editor of My VoIP Provider.

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