SMSDiscount launched by Betamax - SMS for €0.01

by Jennifer Cuellar

This week Betamax in Germany launched yet another online VoIP service, adding to the previous 13 or 14 services already available (Voipbuster,VoIPCheap etc) - .

Whilst this is no longer a newsworthy event, this time Betamax have added a dirtcheap web based SMS service. Using SMSDiscount it is now possible to send SMS's to many destinations around the world (around 50-60 countries) for 0.01 Euro. This is cheap, very cheap in any language and will most certainly cause considerable headaches with mainly European mobile services, known for their very expensive SMS rates.

The drawback is obviously that you are bound to your PC to send these SMS's. If you send only the odd SMS here and there this is not for you. Should you be a heavy user, or have teenagers draining your phone accounts then this may be an alternative solution.


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