Skype on Iphone

by Jennifer Cuellar

Few weeks back, Skype finally launched Skype application on Iphone. When the long awaited software was released, it was a huge joy for Iphone and Ipod touch users. Hour by hour, it was patiently anticipated by users across the globe, from Japan to New York.

As an Iphone user, I use Fring and wifi combo to connect to Skype network. It connects pretty good to skype, however, it's difficult to get connected on the first try. On top of that, it also produces few second delay on the call.

Last week I downloaded Skype application and gave it a run. I'm blown away with the result. It has crystal clear sound quality as if you are sitting in front of computer and talking to non-skype user via Skypeout. No time delay and it is very inexpensive.

This skype application comes with every function from regular skype software. You have your all your contacts, available credit balance on your skypeout and etc.

According to engadget, Skype is already back in the lab to work on newer version of the software with push technology specially designed for Iphone and Ipod touch.

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