Sick and Tired of Skype

by Jennifer Cuellar

No we are not sick and tired of Skype, just extremely tired of seeing thousands of articles flying around the internet in the past week trashing Skype in every conceivable manner.

We are not even going to bother to list any of these articles , a quick search on Yahoo or Google news will reveal 2699 article postings alone on Google News on the evening of the 21 August 2007!!

All these so called doomsday experts comming out of the woodwork now to add their 2 cent opinion on what appears to be a freak bug, which went undetected in Skype's software for 2-3 years - so what.

If any of these authors can with 100% confidence admit that any software they have ever been involved with has been 100% bug free then we will eat our words.

We are by no means fans of Skype, but in the past 3 years we have been using them, besides other VoIP services, Skype was until last week the only service which was 100% reliable. We never experienced any problems whatsoever. Besides being 100% reliable it is extremely cheap and 220 million users cannot be lying.

Get a life!



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