Top 5 Reasons a Company Should Invest in a Hosted PBX

by Jennifer Cuellar

Growing companies are choosing to lower their monthly telephone costs by choosing a PBX system that is hosted offsite by their VoIP provider using cloud-based technology. A PBX is the hardware mechanism that connects internal calls from extension to extension within an office, and also routes inbound and outbound calls made to or from the office to the appropriate extension.

Internet protocol, or “IP”, systems now allow these connections and calls to be made using the Internet as a connection, rather than copper landlines. Even IP PBX systems however can contain thousands of lines and take up a sizeable portion of valuable office space while requiring in-house maintenance, and inevitably, repairs.

An option that businesses are taking advantage of in increasing numbers is to have the PBX hosted off-site by their VoIP provider. Here are the top five reasons companies are choosing hosted PBX for their growing business:

1) Hosted PBX is Cheaper: Because PBX systems use the Internet to transmit calls it’s much cheaper than traditional telephony. Analog systems (landlines) are more costly to maintain and repair, therefore analog telephony is more expensive. By having the PBX hosted offsite it lowers maintenance and repair costs dramatically by transferring those responsibilities to the VoIP provider rather than the business owner.

2) Hosted PBX Uses Cloud Technology: Four in five companies now allow telecommuting for at least a portion of their departments or employees. With a cloud-based management system, employees can work anywhere a WiFi connection is available. This translates into greater flexibility and increased productivity.

3) Hosted PBX is Scalable: For growing companies the ability to add, subtract, or alter extensions with ease is extremely important. Businesses prefer a hosted PBX system that can grow at the same pace they do, without requiring service visits and service-plan alterations with each phase of their growth. Growing companies need to maintain their fluidity in order to continue growing.

4) Hosted PBX is Convenient: Larger systems which can contain thousands of lines require maintenance and take up a sizeable portion of office space that could be used to house additional employees (or even an impressive conference room.) Should a business grow out of its current office location, the cost of transporting the in-house system can also be prohibitive. Hosted PBX transfers all of the maintenance and housing concerns to the VoIP provider and allows the business to concentrate on their mission.

5) Hosted PBX is “Green”: In-house PBX systems can create space, maintenance, and clutter issues. They also use several times the materials that a hosted PBX system uses. Businesses can lower their material costs, increase their office space, and reduce their impact on the environment with hosted PBX form their VoIP provider.

The benefits of a PBX system hosted by the VoIP provider are compelling for a business at any stage. Whether a company needs room to grow, the freedom to change, or the capital to invest in other aspects of their business, the answer is off-site PBX hosted by the VoIP provider.

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