Provider in the Spotlight: SoundCurve

by Matt Paulson

SoundCurve is a business VoIP provider that offers managed communication solutions for clients across Europe and North America. Their headquarters are located in Los Angeles, California, which is where they base the network that supplies their powerful service packages.

With SoundCurve, all plans include unlimited minutes for calls, both inbound and outbound. SoundCurve also offers new customers what they call the “Zero Zero Fifty” offer: get 50% off of the bill for the first 3 months, along with no hardware or startup fees.

Unlike other phone management systems, there’s no confusing interface to learn and the support team is entirely US-based. Stop paying insane rates for phone service, and check out the many reasons to switch to SoundCurve below.

Convenient Business Solution

Switching to one of the best business VoIP plans is easy with SoundCurve. They give customers the option to select which of their affordable IP phones or accessories to purchase based off of the features that match their business needs. Should a company wish to keep their old phones and save money, SoundCurve will attach an ATA converter for only a fraction of the cost of a new phone, adapting standard phone systems to IP.

Instead of junking the fax machine, make it more efficient through SoundCurve’s Internet faxing feature. The same ATA for analog phones also attaches to a fax machine, which converts it into a hyper-efficient IP fax machine. Even without the actual device, SoundCurve customers can send and receive all faxes directly from their email.

Video conferencing is one of SoundCurve’s specialties. They distribute state-of-the-art video desk phones that are perfect for private inter-office communications, complete with crystal clear quality. Their wide array of video conferencing solutions allow for meetings between remote offices to continue as if they were in person.


Several features make SoundCurve a top-rate VoIP provider for business entities. One of them is their professional automated attendant, which routes calls to the appropriate extension or even cellular phone. Give the professional appearance that comes with multiple departments with custom phone menus, and even choose whether the attendant has a male or female voice when it greets customers. This feature, like many others, is included for free.

Toll-free and local phone number options mean businesses can have out of town numbers to stimulate business in certain areas, and provide a local number for customers. National customers avoid paying their own long-distance rates by taking advantage of toll-free numbers.

If needed, phone calls can also be recorded, then measured for quality assurance or even just to take note of something that was forgotten. These recordings and voicemail messages are sent to email as an audio file attachment for access anywhere.

Prices and Add-ons

As mentioned before, all plans with SoundCurve offer unlimited minutes for calling, and they also all come with one free toll-free number. Rates with soundcurve are as low as only $17.99 per line per month, with at least 150 free minutes on the toll free line.

Most of the features are included for free, but Internet fax and call recording can both be added on for a low monthly rate. International phone numbers are also available this way, which unlocks unlimited international calling from a certain country when activated.

There is also a large selection of hardware to make sure that every need is perfectly met. Three categories organize their equipment to match value, designer, and enterprise needs, and they also offer several accessories. Brand names include well-known companies like Yealink, Astra, Polycom and Panasonic.

There are very few better options than SoundCurve out there, and no other company has a better price-to-service ratio. SoundCurve also has proven reliability, with their service outages reported online for public viewing in the rare circumstance that there is one. Call up SoundCurve today to experience business VoIP the way it’s supposed to be.

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