Provider Spotlight: RingCentral

by Jennifer Cuellar

RingCentral is an award-winning VoIP service provider with a special emphasis towards professionals and businesses. Established in 2003, RingCentral has fought to liberate businesses from having to use complex and outdated PBX systems.

Powerhouse CEO Vlad Shumnis developed the service based on the need he saw among businesses for an alternative to inflexible and expensive hardware-based phone systems. Their offices are based in San Mateo, California.

RingCentral delivers hosted PBX solutions to connect calls through the Internet instead of an on-site system, allowing for greater connectivity between businesses and external calls and the expansion of an internal network. RingCentral’s cloud business communication solutions improve efficiency by letting employees navigate today’s mobile, distributed, and always-on work world with the tools they need.

The RingCentral Office business phone system helps businesses become more professional, more efficient, and more profitable. They promote business growth through easy-to-use features that improve productivity and create a professional telephone presence.


Benefits of Switching to RingCentral

Businesses that switch to RingCentral for a VoIP service provider can enjoy taking advantage of a modern form of PBX that is far superior to the bulky, expensive, and difficult to maintain on-premise PBX systems of the past. In addition to being outdated, these machines cost thousands of dollars to install, and require trained technicians.

A RingCentral hosted PBX costs nothing to install or maintain, since RingCentral maintains the hardware off-site.

Cloud-based PBX networking is not bound to any specific locations, so the Internet is able to consolidate multiple locations and remote employees. RingCentral is also the only provider that seamlessly integrates with tablets and smartphones, giving employers complete control over their phone system from the convenience of their Android, iPad, or any similar device.


Call and Fax Management

Using RingCentral gives businesses more power than a traditional phone system does. Even clients with zero PBX experience can use the powerful and easy tools to manage calls, phone lines, and faxes from a web browser. RingCentral offers multiple powerful tools and features, including:

  • Calling rules: configure the way callers reach individual extensions. Companies can route calls to extensions, alternate numbers and voicemail based on date and time, caller’s location, or based on customer input. Call transferring and forwarding services also available.
  • IP Faxing: Send and Receive Fax Without a Machine: view and send faxes on-screen with a friendly email format.
  • Call Logs: records of calls and faxes are kept, and made available in an online account.
  • Caller ID: included free, outbound caller ID allows a business to control which number is displayed while calling, as well as showing who’s calling before the phone gets picked up. Identified numbers can be quickly returned with *69.
  • Auto-Receptionist: an auto-receptionist greets callers and directs them to the appropriate extension line. Customers that need to be placed on hold can enjoy hearing music and customized messages while they wait.

Reliable phone service from RingCentral gives low, competitive rates on international calls, while plans for unlimited or cheap metered nationwide calling are available.

When put together, all of the great services and features of RingCentral can make any business sound like a Fortune 500 enterprise. A hosted PBX is not based in any one location, so all employees can call as if they were in the same coordinated office. This ultimately increases efficiency, and grants employers the tools to stay in touch and in control.

For businesses and professionals looking for a good VoIP service provider, RingCentral is an excellent choice. No other VoIP provider makes their management tools as easy to use or as powerful as those provided by RingCentral. RingCentral offers their customers a perfect balance of convenience, power, and cost.

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