Poke Talk says Ho, Ho, Ho with a Special Deal for our Visitors

by jen

There are a handful of companies that offer free calling from Skype to PokeTalk but PokeTalk is different. Their cool feature is that you can make calls from Facebook, how fun!

Additionally, they offer free phone-to-phone calls that are sponsored by ads so you don't have to foot the bill. Since their service is from your own phone the quality is of the highest level, and connections are immediate without the person you are calling having to be near a computer. You simply visit their site PokeTalk.com, enter your phone number, the number you wish to call, and you're connected.

I spoke with the BigWigs at PokeTalk and they are in the holiday spirit and know you might want to talk for an extra few minutes this holiday season. They have bestowed upon our visitors a promotional code so you can talk more. The promo codes are ‘voipreview' ‘myvoipprovider' and ‘thedigest.'

They will also be adding other great features in early 2009 like scheduled calls, conference calling and wholesale priced billing which will make the service stand out even further.

This special holiday treat is just for being such a good kid this past year and be sure to leave some milk and cookies out for Santa as a thanks.

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