OMG, Text Dating Service

by jen

OMG, Mobile phones, Wifi technology and VoIP are changing how we communicate and even how we date. The modern dating scene has changed and the dramatic increase in text messaging may be changing it even more.

Get matched and mingle with new people and possibly even meet some beautiful ladies via a new text programs.The world is changing faster and faster thanks to technology and socially how we relate to one another is also being impacted by our mobile convenient communication. Not only are text programs making it easy to meet new people but WiFi, WiMax, and VoIP will make it considerably cheaper.

Programs like Bouncephone, Match Link Mobile, and Meet Moi are designed to connect people together.Americans send about 75 billion text messages a month so it’s natural that the medium has morphed into a dating tool. Tech-savvy singles are now relying on cellphone services to find new mates and dates. The program helps people find one another to text via a handset’s digital map or other nearby peeps looking to connect. Director of Marketing and Sales at Advanced Telecom Services Bob Bentz noted that “With a Cellphone, you can do it any time any place.”

Advanced Telecom offers a 350,000 member dating service called MatchLink Mobile. GPS capabilities on cell phones have amplified how we connect with other cell phone users including romantically. According to Nielsen Mobile, approximately 143 million wireless subscribers have GPS on their cell phones and in August alone there were 43.3 million active mobile internet customers. Other countries are taking the mobile dating industry by storm, Juniper Research forecasts the the mobile dating industry will see $1.4 billion in global revenue by 2013. Meet Moi, location based mobile dating lets others know if you’re in close proximity and looking for someone to connect with.

The cell phone is used to facilitate a face to face meeting and this is a great way for people looking for someone to talk to after a stressful day at work. Chief Executive of the New York company, Andrew Weinreich mentioned that “It makes more sense if I’m out and see who’s in a half mile of me and wants to meet for coffee…why would I go home to my computer and email someone?”

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