Obama, iPhone and WiFi Canvass for Votes

by jen

Obama and his campaign tech geeks have showed that they are definitely speaking the language of the web 2.0, social networking, cell phone and text message generation. Available for download on the WiFi and GPS enabled iPhone is the Obama iPhone application. The application does everything you think it would like display Obama news and views, campaign photos and videos and it also sends users Obama campaign announcements via text or email.

The cool features of the Obama iPhone application is of course how it uses WiFi the same technology that powers VoIP to track potential Obama voters. The program will determine a users location and then display local campaign events. Additionally the program will scan a users contacts and identify the users in swing states and encourage the user to call up those would be Obama voters and swing them over to his side and it even tracks who has been called and their response.

The response tracking options include, "Not Interested," "Considering Obama" and "Already Voted." WOW! Is that legal? That is what I said... I think it is. The Obama organizers say information about the people is not sent back to the campaign but the overall statistics are. I don't know how they determine what information is okay to send and receive and what isn't but as of yesterday afternoon 360 people had made a total of 754 calls of behalf of the senator.

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