Newest Changes in Mobile VoIP Turn the World of Communication Upside Down

by Matt Paulson

Cell phone carrier juggernauts beware, there is a new Mobile service on the block, and it is gunning for your customers. Mobile Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) has been reinvented in a way that will change mobile phone services worldwide with the power of VoIP. Just as it did to traditional telecommunication services, VoIP is driving current cell phone carrier systems into obsolescence with new mobile VoIP solutions. There are two unexpected companies leading the charge for a large scale, cost saving Mobile VoIP communication solution. What these companies have in common is their drive to offer free or inexpensive Mobile VoIP services to those who invest in their products. These two companies are the technology tycoon Apple Inc. and the up and coming internet service provider, FreedomPop.

Cheap Mobile VoIP for the Masses

Mobile VoIP has sat in the background of VoIP services for several years, often offered as an add-on or additional service, but those days are numbered. The conventional wisdom of, "why do I need mobile VoIP when I have a cell phone" is about to change dramatically. FreedomPop, formerly only an Internet service provider, has announced that they will be offering refurbished phones for $99 with no contract plan that will use Mobile VoIP. This service comes with 500 megabytes of data, 200 anytime minutes, and 500 texts monthly, all for free. This service can be upgraded to unlimited voice and text for only $10.99 per month. That deal is tough for any Cell service carrier compete with, and it’s only going to get tougher. Mobile VoIP providers like FreedomPop are able to offer a comparable service for only a fraction of the price because they have broken the traditional mold of Cell carriers, and have embraced the cost saving advantages of VoIP.

The Inevitable Mobile Communication Paradigm Shift

When a company as large and influential as Apple decides to incorporate an idea into its software, people should take notice. Apple’s new iOS 7 has provided its users with a feature titled FaceTime Voice, which allows users to call each other through Mobile VoIP technology instead of using their minutes. This means that while on wifi, Apple users can make unlimited free local, long distance, and international calls to anyone in the world with an apple product and a connection to the internet. Although this will be a hard fought battle by the Cellular service Carriers, Mobile VoIP will ultimately prevail.

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