Mobile VoIP and Mobile Music All in One

by jen

WiFi has created a hotbed of development for companies like Microsoft and Apple and it seems like they aren't missing the beat with VoIP technologies either.

Apple's iPhone has made it easier for developers to target VoIP customers and develop applications that merge products like a phone and ipod. Truphone available for free download at the itunes store enables VoIP calls. According to business week magazine the number of WiFi VoIP phones sold globally is expected to grow 33% by 2011.

The inclusion of WiFi for mobile devices like Microsoft's Zune music player is putting the heat on the market and competition for VoIP capable products. Recently they announced that their Zune digital media player will soon have wireless download capability and the ability to stream songs using a WiFi network. Updates for the device and flash memory based models will be available September 16, 2008. Users can download songs heard over their built in FM radio on the Zune Marketplace music store and wirelessly sync to their computer. Zune users will be able to wirelessly log in, get recommendations and use an on-screen keypad to type in song names. I wonder if the on-screen typing capability is a way to get people used to Microsoft's Surface the 30-inch display touch screen tabletop for interactive sharing and entertainment. We know that Apple is known for staying in touch with users tactile and visual needs with touch screens like the iPhone screen.

I can see it now, sitting in a café with a WiFi hotspot of course, sipping caffeinated concoctions wirelessly syncing my music phone player to my computer while chatting with Grandma in Spain.

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