Jajah VoIP Software to be included on Prada Phone

by Jennifer Cuellar

LG announced today that it will be adding Jajah, the VoIP software that claims to be more popular than Skype on its new Prada phone.

The software will allow users to make VoIP calls from their mobile phone via the company's just released Mobile Web application.

Using any WiFi or 3G connection users can now make cheap national and international calls.

According to Jajah their call rates are around 91% cheaper than Vodafone in the UK on a standard contract and 67% - 88% cheaper than other UK mobile providers.

"Jajah aims not only to be the smartest and the cheapest phone service around the globe, but also the most transparent. In a world where so many companies say 'service is free', customers deserve to know exactly what they are getting. It's part of brand to provide that kind of clarity to our customers, and it is one reason the Jajah global community is growing so quickly," Roman Scharf said.

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