Get Your Snap on!

by Jennifer Cuellar

A while ago, Toucan Global gave us a few Snap Communicators for a test drive. First of all, what is a Snap Communicator? It's a simple phone-like device which plugs into a usb port and voila, you are connected to other defined snap users. Up to 8 snap users can be assigned for every unit.

When we first got hold of the Snap units, honestly, I thought it was rather silly to have a phone-like device over the internet, when we could chat or video conference through instant message (IM) services. However, after using it for a week, I changed my mind and am now sold on the usability and convenience of the Snap Communicator.

This is where the fun part begins Snap is like messaging someone on an IM buddy-list, but using VoIP technology. At our office, instead of picking up the phone and dialing each other’s phone number or extension, we simply push a button and are connected. The beauty of the Snap Communicator is that it can work anywhere via a high-speed internet connection and it’s free for residential service and only a low fee of 3 cents per minute to call a mobile phone.

Why I switched sides? I discovered that Snapping a colleague didn’t distract from business and overall workflow. The other added bonus was that there weren’t any popups on the screen and if a Snap call wasn’t picked up it went automatically to a mailbox which then forwarded an email with the missed information.

What can I say? It works.

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