Voipax - free VoIP calls to 40 destinations

by Jennifer Cuellar

Voipax is a relatively new VoIP service, based in Germany, offering free VoIP calls to over 40 destinations worldwide.

Launched towards to the end of 2007 Voipax already appear to have quite a following with their "Free VoIP" feature.

Just downloading their SIP based softphone client and registering will entitle you to make 60 minutes of free phone calls to any of the following "free" destinations.

Free Destinations

Andorra Landline, Australia Landline, Austria Landline, Belgium Landline, Canada, Chile Landline, Cyprus Landline, Czech Republic Landline, Denmark Landline, Estonia Landline, Finland Landline, France Landline, Germany Landline, Gibraltar Landline, Guam Landline, Hong Kong Landline, Hong Kong Mobile, Hungary Landline, Iceland Landline, Ireland Landline, Israel Landline, Italy Landline, Japan Landline, South Korea Landline, Liechtenstein Landline, Luxembourg Landline, Malaysia Landline, Monaco Landline, Netherlands Landline, New Zealand Landline, Norway Landline, Panama Landline, Portugal Landline, Puerto Rico Landline, Puerto Rico Mobile, Singapore Landline, Spain Landline, Switzerland Landline, Taiwan Landline, United Kingdom Landline, United States, Vatican City Landline, US Virgin Islands Landline

Should you be satisfied with their service and call quality all you have to do is add a few Euros to your account and then you can call any of the destinations in their free list.

There is however a limit - 300 minutes per week. Once you have exceeded your limit you will have to pay rates of between 1-3 Euro cents per minute.

This is where their VoIP service is almost identical to the Betamax Group (Voipbuster, Voipcheap, Lowratevoip etc.), but hopefully they have no intentions of copying the disastrous and nonexistent Betamax customer service.

In addition VoIPax also offers a "mobile" solution at wap.voipax.com . This is not a true mobile VoIP solution, but will let you use their service if you are away from your PC.

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