Forget About Skype For Your iPhone, iCall Is The Best Solution

by nhilton

Forget about Skype for your all your VoIP needs on your iPhone, iCall is an innovative application that proves to be much more practical and revolutionary than all other applications!

iCall gives you the freedom to call anywhere in the world, with free unlimited calling within the US and Canada, its sure to keep you in touch with all your loved ones. There is a minimal fee for long-distance calling, but its still better than what AT&T and other VoIP apps can offer you. The best part is that no matter where you are in the world, you are free of roaming charges, which we all know can increase that AT&T bill by ten-fold when your phone is roaming. Your iCall can automatically come up when you are recieving or making an outgoing call, allowing you to save all your needed minutes on your bill and switch over to a free solution for almost all your calls. At $.06 per minute or less to call over 50 International countries, i Call has the best flat international rate for iPhone apps. iCall is a free app available on your iPhone application store where you can download it immediately and start switching your calls to VoIP for free service.

So the next time someone brings up Skype for your VoIP needs, remember there are better apps out there with growing recognition and need your help to boost iCall to the number 1 position for iPhone VoIP apps!!

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