The Cheapest Residential VoIP Providers That Make Calling Egypt Easier Than Ever

by Matt Paulson

The turmoil that Egypt and its surrounding area is facing has made staying in contact with friends and family more important than ever. When loved ones are separated by thousands of miles, staying in contact becomes a priority. Calling internationally is usually very expensive and difficult to do, since traditional telephony limits the capabilities of international calling and charges exorbitant prices per minute to call out of the country. Thankfully, newer Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technologies have changed the industry of international calling.

VoIP takes audio data and transfers it over an internet connection, rather than traditional analog copper lines. This means that calling long distances or internationally is much cheaper for both providers and customers. Through simple and low costs plans, several residential VoIP providers have created a new standard for international calling. Calling Egypt has never been easier than with a VoIP phone system.

Leaders in Cheap International Calling

Our international VoIP calling experts at have analyzed many factors and have determined the cheapest, most effective VoIP providers to call Egypt. Customers that choose these providers will no longer have to worry about call quality, reliability, or most importantly, call cost.


When selecting a an international VoIP phone service, customers should consider both cost and features. VoIPo combines the two in order to make crystal clear calls with over 40 calling features included, all for a very low cost. Calling Egypt with VoIPo will cost between 18-20 cents per minute. In order to make the customers calling experience as user friendly as possible, VoIPo also offers amazing customer service with their knowledgeable support agents.

Phone Power

Phone Power, another leading residential international VoIP provider brings an advanced service to its customers for very low prices. With calls to egypt starting at 14.8 cents per minute, phone power provides one of the cheapest per minute calling services available. Theirresidential VoIP phone comes with over 45 features included with the service. Each of these features cater to both international and every day calling needs.


ITP offers a Global Unlimited residential plan. This VoIP calling plan offers unlimited calling to over 60 countries and includes a Free ITP phone adapter, a rich set of premium features, and no annual contract. To call Egypt with an ITP phone plan, rates start at 21 cents per minute. With an ITP phone plan customers gain an incredibly versatile phone system that allows for realiable and affordable calling to Egypt, and anywhere else in the world.

VoIP international calling has effectively made calling anywhere in the world, including egypt, an easy and affordable process. Switching to any of these providers is sure to save a customer money, and give them confidence in their phone system.

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