Completely Revamp your Business Finances By Choosing VoIP Phone Service

by Jennifer Cuellar

When businesses change to VoIP phone systems, they get more than a little pocket change in return.

VoIP (“Voice over Internet Protocol”) is the technology used to make phone calls over the Internet instead of the traditional way of making phone calls over landlines. This technology can help you increase your productivity while also increasing savings.

Here are 5 ways businesses can save money when using VoIP:

1. VoIP is cheaper

Traditional phone plans can cost businesses hundreds of dollars each month. Most VoIP providers on the other hand only charge about $20 a month for their starting plans.

Some traditional phone companies charge up to $80 per person per plan. For a quarter of that a price, a company using top VoIP providers can connect the entire workforce.

2. VoIP doesn't need constant repair

Traditional copper landlines need constant repair and upkeep, which comes at a financial cost to to the user. Since VoIP uses the Internet to make calls, there isn’t an upkeep fee, nor is there need for technicians to make visits to the office every time a business wants to change make alterations to the phone plan.

If a business wants to make any changes to their VoIP service, they can manage their accounts online and most providers, such as business VoIP providers Vocalocity and Jive, have US-based support centers to answer any additional questions.

3. VoIP is unlimited

Most VoIP providers offer unlimited calls throughout the US. Other providers like 8x8, Inc and RingCentral offer free unlimited calls within the US, and unlimited calls to Canada.

And for customers who don’t expect to need unlimited minutes, many providers offer cheaper metered plans. Certain business providers even offer metered and unmetered extensions all on the same plan.

VoIP gives businesses the freedom to do business without the stress of running out of time and out of money.

4. VoIP goes paperless

Going “green” is not only trendy, it also saves that other green--money. VoIP providers such as Jive include the fax-to-email feature, which sends faxes directly to the designated email.

The average cost of corporate toner ink runs at $200, and paper runs for about $10 per ream. Companies that use VoIP technology are not only cutting the cost of paper and ink, but are also helping the environment.

5. VoIP goes international

Businesses that have international business relationships shouldn’t have to worry about cutting calls short because of the high cost of international phone minutes. Several VoIP providers offer unlimited international minutes to dozens of country for no charge.

For instance, VoIP provider offers free flat rates to over 55 countries, including Brazil, India, and the United Kingdom, and other VoIP providers like RingCentral offer international rates for pennies a minute.

Businesses that use VoIP technology save thousands of dollars each year. VoIP gives them the freedom to call and thrive without the chains of fees and minutes holding back their business.

Rachel Greenberg is a tech and telecom writer in California.

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