Provider in the Spotlight: DIDforSale

by Jennifer Cuellar

Based in sunny California, DIDforSale is a market leader in business VoIP services. As one of the most popular VoIP providers, DIDforSale is known for the superior quality of their services, and for offering superior prices. Rates are under $9.00 a month, with call rates that drop as low as only $0.004 per minute. To top this all off, DIDforSale charges no minimums, and offers strong customer service.

DIDforSale is partnered with several quality service providers in the US and all over the world, and is a subsidiary of Bingo Consulting LLC. This allows them to easily handle calls with excellent quality of sound and service. Because they take pride in providing such quality service to customers at an affordable rate, they are highly recommended by their customers while envied by their competitors. Their reputation is well warranted, because they offer a massive base of coverage.

Network & Coverage

DIDforSale offers the largest coverage areas in the US, Canada, and the UK. With over 10,000 rate centers for customers to pick and choose from, making VoIP calls is easier than ever before. As a growing company, DIDforSale is constantly expanding their coverage as well, assuring that they will defend their title as one of most widespread companies on the marketplace.

The DID network operates off of several redundant systems, so that if anything goes wrong, the network stays up. This network is completely optimized for maximum efficiency and performance, which minimizes annoying call drops, lags, and echoes.

DIDforSale offers hosted PBX services to make things easy for small businesses who can’t afford their own servers, but should a larger company decide to have their own on-site PBX system, DIDforSale also runs a network that will function with any SIP trunking service.

Convenient Rate Plans

Multiple rate plans make sure that DIDforSale has something that’s right for everyone. For example, customers who prefer a flat rate for their VoIP services can do so with a monthly rate and 8000 free inbound minutes, while those that would rather have a metered inbound plan can pay as they go, paying a nominal activation fee one time and then paying less than half a penny per minute after that. Either way, each plan supports up to 20 separate channels absolutely free.

Toll Free DID numbers also follow a pay as you go plan, and this too can be customized.

Payphones that call the client’s toll-free number will have a small surcharge of $0.75 per call. If this low rate is too much, or the company expects to receive several unwanted calls from payphones, they can all be blocked upon request, making payphones unable to drain a company’s coffers. DIDforSale offers very competitive rates, and even their termination rates are low. If a business decides that they can find a better deal with another VoIP provider, DIDforSale makes the switch easy.

DIDforSale is just one of the best VoIP providers that can help your business save money, no matter what size. However, by being one of the best out there, DIDforSale is an excellent option for nearly any business to choose for their telephone services.

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