Back to School

by Jennifer Cuellar

Most parents sent their kids back to school yesterday, as the new semester began. It is a bitter sweet moment, in which parents could finally get their lives back on track without constant interruption from theirs kids! At the same time, they might be wondering about how their first day in school is going, would their kids be on their best behavior, or do they have friends to have lunch with?

Most importantly, with school back in session parents have more time for themselves. They finally can do whatever they have been planning to do. Perhaps, catching up with family members, and old friends could finally be a part of the daily routine. How wonderful is that?

As children get older, our parents grow older too. Some of us live close to our parents, there are some who live hundred of miles apart, and also thousand miles apart. Regardless the distance, a simple phone call, saying:"Hi mom, how are you doing?" would suffice to lift up their day.

Don't you agree? Pick up the phone and call today!

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